Nano Day in Budapest


Nano Day in Budapest

Last week, on the 29th of May, Advanced Materials JTJ was invited to participate in the Hungarian Nano Day at the Academy of Science in Budapest, where discussions were held with Hungarian government representatives, scientists, inventors and members of the business community.

The event was arranged by Czech diplomacy representatives at the Czech Embassy in Budapest and Prague based Czech Invest.

Along with members of the Czech Nano Association much of the talks were geared towards how cooperation might be fostered between the two Nations of Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Interesting topics from the Hungarian side included mechanisms to reduce pollution in the local environment as they are invested into the autonomous automobile future and have made good progress. The fate of the city's beautiful buildings and air quality could well suffer if greater effort towards the abatement of pollutants is not undertaken.

Advanced Materials provided a presentation on the FN NANO coatings as the best mechanism to preserve building facades in light of increased industrial activities and more cars. Care for these monuments built at the turn of the 19th century should be paramount for the preservation of the Hungarian metropolis.

From an environmental point of view, it is an easy-to-grasp technology. Scientific studies show that if we apply FN Nano photocatalytic coatings over an area of 15 square meters, will compensate for the emissions of one diesel car, or more precisely these 15 square meters of an imaginary common pot of contaminated air just remove the exhausts at the same rate as the diesel engine produces.

HE3DA s.r.o., a JV of Advanced Materials-JTJ also gave a presentation on their powerful and yet environmentally friendly, battery as well as a look inside the first Gigawatt factory in the Central European Region. This paradigm changing battery was also a memorable topic as the Hungarian community understands the smart move to a future with electric vehicles and the need for more efficient energy storage. Electric automobiles will be ubiquitous sometime in the next 10 to 20 years; best to learn about the most promising products now.

Thanks again to the Czech Embassy and Czech Invest individuals for arranging the Event.

Daniel Butler

- Daniel Butler

The Academy of Sciences in Budapest
The Academy of Sciences in Budapest

Managing Directors, Ing. Jan Procházka, Ph.D., was awarded the Silver Medal of the Senate in the Parliament of the Czech Republic

28.09.2017 18:01

Ing. Jan Prochazka, Ph.D. the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic awarded a silver commemorative medal for its contribution to Czech and international science in connection with its nanotechnology activities. The Senate's Silver Commemorative Medals have been awarded since 2007 to prominent personalities from the ranks of scientists, artists, athletes and other public officials who excel in their fields or their special acts or abilities.

Ceremonial handover of medals was recorded by Czech Television:

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